Adidas Copa 19+ “Exhibit Pack” soccer shoes

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Adidas Copa 19+ “Exhibit Pack” soccer shoes


Some time ago, Adidas's first main soccer shoes series "Exhibit Pack" was officially released, with "soccer, belonging to the courage to create extraordinary people" as Slogan, and launched a series of advertising video to force the FAKER inside and outside the stadium! Today's new product appreciation, let us first look at the Copa 19 boots endorsed by Dibala.


Adidas Copa 19+ “Exhibit Pack” soccer shoes


  • Exterior


Although it is the traditional boot of the main touch, Copa 19 is still "dare to show", the black upper with bright yellow embellishment, showing a distinctive upper foot effect on the court. Coupled with the flagship Copa 19+ lace-free upper design, the new color scheme seems to be more modern and design than the first hair color.


Adidas Copa 19+ “Exhibit Pack” soccer shoes


  • Upper


The new elements of Copa 19+ focus on maximizing the feel, feel and comfort of the shoes. The non-lacing kangaroo leather upper is extremely soft and the touch is really sensitive. The ray embossing that conforms to the natural bending of the human foot makes the upper fit more in the dynamic, making the distance between the feet and the ball closer, while preventing Excessive extension of the upper; treated by the innovative Fusion skin technology, the kangaroo skin is more resilient, durable and waterproof without losing the touch, eliminating the ills of the kangaroo leather boots. Knitted Sockfit collars naturally extend the sneakers from the feet for a more stable fit.


Adidas Copa 19+ “Exhibit Pack” soccer shoes


  • Outsole


The outsole of the Copa 19+ soccer shoes is innovatively designed like the upper. Sneakers use a popular mid-sole design to ensure functionality while minimizing weight. The new EXOFRAME outsole is designed with a two-layer structure, based on nylon material, and a soft TPU is injected into a specific part for secondary cushioning. The studs are mainly semi-conical studs that take into account the dexterity of the turn and the grip of running.


Adidas Copa 19+ “Exhibit Pack” soccer shoes


  • To sum up


After entering 2019, Adidas has launched two colors matching Copa 19+ soccer shoes. If the little black shoes + the colorful outsole Copa 19+ didn't match your appetite not long ago, what about the "Gold Show" Copa 19+, which has the player's endorsement and increased appearance? To know this new color, but the creator is exclusive!


Adidas Copa 19+ “Exhibit Pack” soccer shoes

—— Adidas Copa 19+ “Exhibit Pack” soccer shoes


Sneaker type: touch

Upper material: kangaroo leather, fabric

Outsole type: FG

Single weight: 234 grams (JP270 size)

Goods number: BB8087

Size recommendation: Suitable for normal foot type, please purchase according to the normal size.

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